Thursday, March 7, 2013

Almost start packing!

So, with four  one day until I leave for the LPC triathlon training camp, mentally my brain is turned to “What do I need to bring?”

Okay, technically I leave for camp on Saturday, but I am headed to Windsor after work tomorrow since I am flying out of Detroit. Wish I could've left earlier, but with a few projects underway, it wasn't in the cards.

No comment on the fact work decided to go crazy this week...which was good because it meant I had less time to worry, but was bad because I am now afraid I’ll forget something.

My friends laugh and say, "It's not like you need to bring much. Aren't you just exercising for a week?"
Well, technically yes. Although training and exercise are different in my mind (some might say that's semantics). A post for another day, perhaps.
But, since I am worried about it, I decided to post on what I actually am planning to bring for 7 days in Florida filled with training for swimming, biking and running. Exciting stuff, right?

The biggest thing of course is my bike (hard to ride without it). Fortunately, I sent that to Guelph last weekend for shipping down to camp with the Coaches. Heard yesterday that the van (and the bikes) arrived safe and sound. That means everything I sent with my bike also arrived safely…including my bike helmet (never ride without one!), wetsuit (which I bought in the fall and haven’t tried out yet – except to make sure it still fits), and a handful of CO2 cartridges to change tubes if/when needed  (Haven’t ever used one, but my brother recommended not trying until I get there in case I do something and screw it up).

So, the big things are gone. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot I could forget. So, here’s my current packing list in case you’re wondering:

·         Bike shoes – I’ve been using them inside on my bike trainer all winter, and used them at spin class this week. I am extraordinarily anxious about trying them outside…but it’ll be an adventure. And if I don’t practice now – when would I start?

·         Running shoes – I won’t be packing these until after my last run…probably tonight or tomorrow.

·         Bathing cap/goggles – My swim cap broke the other day, which is good timing since it gave me time to buy a new one. Also have my normal clear goggles and a new pair of tinted ones. 

·         Swimsuits – I was happily surprised to find a suit I’ve had for a long time but had never worn (it was always too small) now fits me! So it’ll be coming along with a second suit (just in case).

·       Bike clothes – have a couple of pairs of bike shorts and a pair of tri shorts (happily purchased at the bike show for $20!). Also have exactly two bike shirts (also purchased at the bike show), but figure I can also just wear any of my run shirts while biking, and may well do so. We'll see.

·         Run clothes – I’ll pretty much be bringing everything I own that isn’t winter-related.

·         Other clothes – can’t forget a few things that aren’t specific to swim/bike/run.  Like slightly warmer clothes in case it gets cool or windy.

·         Other shoes – flip flops and sandals are both coming along in addition to my regular shoes.

·        Socks – yes, they get their own spot on my list because  I don’t actually have that many pairs of running/biking socks. I need to find them all since I expect to be changing them frequently.

·        Sunglasses – yikes. Almost forgot these. I have two pairs I’ll be bringing, in case one pair breaks or gets lost.

·        Fuel belt – no idea if I’ll actually use it while I am there, but I did buy one (it came on the recommended list and I figure since I was going to buy one for marathon training anyways, I might as well buy it early).

·        Food – I really don’t know how much I might need for this kind of training schedule. Bringing the stuff I know (meaning some Chocolate and Peanut Butter Gu, and my staple Kashi 7 grain granola bars). I’ll have a few protein bars as well, but I generally prefer real food. I expect my first purchase when I arrive will be Greek yogurt and peanut butter… powerhouse of protein and darned tasty. I was also debating bringing my cereal (Wheetabix), but looks like there will be a lot of brunch opportunities after morning sessions – and I do love brunch, so the cereal is staying behind.

·        Various watches/plugs/computer stuff – Yes, the Garmin, Garmin Swim, my iPad and my laptop are all coming with me, in addition to all of their cords, plug-ins and accessories. I have to record what I do after all, and I’ll need the computer for updating you on all the fun adventures I am having.

Wow, that seems like a lot of stuff…and I am sure I’ll forget something. I just hope it isn’t anything important – or I that I can buy it in Florida (which I will do with sunscreen since I prefer the spray on variety).

Here’s hoping it all fits in my bag! Thank goodness exercise clothes are generally light.


  1. It's mentioned in the last paragraph. I'll be buying it there. :

  2. But thanks for checking! Always good. I don't want to forget something important!