Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Catching Up - 2014: The Year of Believing

I admit, I am copying what I wrote on Facebook on January 1st since it's two months into the New Year - and I forgot to update my blog with what I named the new year. Oops! :)
So for the sake of consistency and record...
When it comes to naming the year, I admit - 2014 was a toughie. I just couldn’t figure it out. And then, it hit me. The last few years have been about big outward things: Reinvention - when I first decided to become healthy and fit and hired a personal trainer to help me, Endeavour - where I strived toward the goal set the previous year, ran my first races, and quit my job to start my own business..., and Acceleration where I took everything to the next level.

But here's the funny thing. Much as I love what I’ve done the past few years - I still have a lot of doubts. I wonder if my goals are just a bit too crazy. I wonder why I think I can do things that other people can't or have no desire to do. I wonder if this year was a fluke work wise and when reality will hit. I wonder if all my success has been luck - and when the luck will run out.

But the truth is doubt is your worst enemy. Doubt keeps so many people from even trying to achieve their goals because inside they don't really believe they can. And the bigger the goals, the bigger the self-doubts.  

You all know I am hard headed when I make a decision to do something. And yet, I still tip-toe around some of my goals and qualify things a lot in conversations. “If, Maybe, One day, I’ve been lucky, This might not last”. I really need to stop that. I need to start believing in myself, my capabilities, and my results more – and in my ability to figure out how to do everything I want to do - including finding the right people to help me. I also want this year to be about encouraging other people to pursue their dreams.

So that’s why I’ve decided to make 2014 the Year of Believing.

It’s a great word. Very different from ones I’ve picked in the past – but one that underpins every other word that has gone before. Because the people who succeed are the people who truly believe that they can.

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