Saturday, March 8, 2014

LPC Triathlon Camp - arrival and Hello Sunshine!

Arrived today in Kissimmee, Florida for my second LPC Florida Triathlon Camp. If you look back at my posts from last March, you will see how much fun I had...and how utterly nervous I was before I arrived.

This year, there was no nervousness. If anything, when I got off the plane in Orlando, it was like taking a breath of fresh air. Given the frigid winter we've had, not to mention the snow and ice, coming here was a reward...a "you survived the Polar Vortex" present. To be honest, I have been more focused on making it to somewhere warm than getting to cramp itself. Do you blame me?

Regardless of how camp goes, just being here I am already fulfilled. I stood outside and it was warm. It was sunny. The air didn't hurt my face!

But, I am at camp and, of course, I expect to have another fabulous time. I am currently sitting in the House of Secrets - the same house I was in last year. I even have the same room. It is hard to believe it has been a year since I left!

Today has been very easy and relaxing. I got in around noon and had a good chat with Coach Mark on the way from the airport. Got settled in my camp house, then picked up my bike from the LPC Camp House and took it for a short (20 min) ride around the resort. It was my first time really riding my new-to-me road bike outside, so I was glad to see I didn't have any problems and could still clip in and out even on a different bike.

You will laugh to know I changed gears something like forty times over 10k just because I could. And how nice was that? I love my triathlon bike, but I have a hard time taking my hands off the handlebars, so changing gears is a painful exercise I tended to avoid last year. I did all three of my triathlons last summer, and most of my training rides, in one gear. No, I am not kidding.

With this bike, I can just tap my shifters, what a difference!

See, told you that you'd laugh. But recall I'd never really been on any bike before borrowing a mountain bike for my first beginner tri and then buying my tri bike. I hope now having a road bike too will let me pick up some of the bike handling skills I just couldn't even begin to imagine last, yes, taking my hands off the handlebars.

Tomorrow is  the first official day at camp. We have a short run, followed by a swim in the morning and a bike in the afternoon followed by the camp potluck. Most of the schedule is similar to last year, which makes me a little less nervous about everything..although it will be fascinating to see what is different and how my ability has changed since last year. After all, I've run, biked and swam a lot more since I came to camp last year - and have been working with Coach Mark for a few months now. I expect at least running and swimming wise to notice differences! I don't expect my biking skills have improved much, but I hope my nervousness will have at least eased a little!

But I remember how much I learned biking last year at camp. I'd be thrilled if I learned that much again this time around!

So...what are my goals for camp this time around? Simple:

1. Don't get hurt...not during camp or on the way home (last year I tripped over my suitcase on my way home and couldn't run for a month).
2. Like I said above...I want to learn as much as I did last year about biking - preferably while staying upright so I can gain a bit more confidence.
3. To  have a lot of fun swimming and running while also learning new things that will help me improve.
4. To have fun all around and to take advantage of all these smart people I can learn from.
5. To soak up every bit of warmth I can, because no doubt there wills till be snow and ice around when I get home!

Until tomorrow!

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